Do you get headaches? Eyes that feel tired or dry? Pain in your neck and shoulders? Bouts of dizziness? Do these symptoms tend to get worse towards the end of the day? Do they tend to correspond with long periods of using a computer, tablet, smartphone or even reading? If this describes you, you definitely aren’t alone; and like many others, you’re probably wondering why. Your eyes could be the problem, and Neurolenses could be the solution.

Did you know?

57% of people suffer symptoms of eye misalignment – headaches, neck pain, dizziness, eye fatigue, dry eye, etc.

93% of patients experience relief from their symptoms with Neurolens

What are Neurolenses and do they work?

Inspired by a breakthrough discovery linking optometry and neurology, Neurolenses are designed to bring the eyes back into comfortable alignment. To do this, Neurolenses incorporate a technology called “contoured prism,” which intelligently places the correction in the lenses where it’s needed most. These lenses can be customized for every patient, and are available in any prescription. They’re even a great solution for contact lens wearers or patients that don’t have a prescription at all. They are premium lenses, and as such come standard in high quality materials and with high quality Anti-Reflective coatings.

Most importantly, Neurolenses lead to dramatic symptom relief for the majority of wearers. 93% of patients have experienced symptom relief from wearing Neurolenses. In fact, 81.6% of patients suffering from chronic daily headaches reported their symptoms were substantially reduced or “basically gone” after wearing Neurolenses for 90 days. In a study concerning Computer Vision Syndrome, 100% of patients suffering from symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome had a positive response to treatment with Neurolenses. Many Neurolens wearers have been able to greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for pain-relieving medications.

Our practice is excited to now offer Neurolens – a revolutionary new lens design that corrects eye misalignment and has helped thousands of patients alleviate these symptoms.

Contact us today to see if you’re a candidate, and begin your journey to relief.