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Welcome To All Eyes

Our staff and doctors here at All Eyes Optometry are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive eyecare with the latest technology available. Our goal is to ensure you have a great experience every time you’re here!

Dr. Cashen and Dr. Campbell offer full vision examinations to ensure that your eyes stay healthy. They have extensive experience with both vision and medical treatment plans and can diagnose and treat many common and uncommon eye conditions to ensure that you get the care you need.

We carry a wide selection of eyewear and contact lenses that our patients love. If you are having trouble with your eyes or if it’s that time of year for your annual vision check-up our entire staff will be more than happy to help. We look forward to serving you and your family for years to come!

You can call directly (269) 983-3200 with any questions or to schedule online at your convenience.

About Our Office

It is our goal at All Eyes Optometry to ensure that all patients have an outstanding experience while obtaining the best vision they deserve. Our doctors and staff are dedicated to ensuring that our patients get the best care to optimize their eye health and vision care.

New Patients

New patients keep our business growing, so we are always proud to offer high quality optometry services to our patients.

At All Eyes Optometry, we understand how overwhelming it can be to see a new eye doctor. Our staff will do everything we can to give you a pleasant visit and to make you feel comfortable in our office.

In order to have a timely first visit, we will go over as much as possible on the phone. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and can discuss the reason for your visit, including whether or not you need new eyeglasses or contact lenses.

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Our goal is for you to leave our office with a memorable and enjoyable experience, which is why our welcoming and compassionate staff will do everything they can to make you feel right at home.

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